About us


Our family, dedicated to agricultural production, dates back to the 20s, when the Terrone family, had its production in Santa Fe province, specifically in the area of Fighiera, Las Bandurrias and Las Rosas. There, Francisco Antonio Terrone had a great participation in the creation of AFA, the Argentine Federated Farmers in the region.

In the 80s we started to do real estate developments in San Martin de los Andes, and the surrounding areas. Taking into account the family’s history and the passion for fishing and hunting, we founded Estancia & lodge Nahuel Mapi, refloating our 80 year old brand. Since then we dedicate to the development of agro tourism and offer our clients an unforgettable and comforting experience in our lodge, taking into consideration a warm and classic typical stay in the Patagonia Argentina. For several years we offer fishing and hunting service providing an excellent service with more than 40 years of experience.


We are in the Patagonia Argentina, Neuquén Province, in the coast of the rivers, Nahuel Mapi and Aluminé.